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Photo of Juliette St. Andrew

Juliette St. Andrew

Hospitality Director

Juliette is a Bay Area native and has worked in restaurants or in some aspect of hospitality throughout her life. She studied Anthropology in college, starting her professional career as an archaeologist, excavating in Greece, Italy, the UK, and her hometown of Petaluma. Her focus was mortuary archaeology, and her honors dissertation focused on burial goods in the mortuary context.

After a year of traveling, she returned to the Bay Area, working in Anthropological museums, customer service, and then ended up managing a coworking space in SoMa.
Juliette then took the role of General Manager of The Archery SF, a maker-space/event venue dedicated to maintaining creative production in The Mission. There she provided support and service to ~90 makers and artists, oversaw the operations and administration of the business, produced and managed events and special projects, and managed a small team of a chef, barista, and hosts. She then was made Director of Special Projects for Charlie Hallowell's three restaurants where she oversaw public and private events, social media management, photography and food styling and creative collateral. 

Juliette enjoys photography and has a passion for photoshoots featuring either food or cute animals. Juliette’s bucket-list includes: Swimming in bioluminescence, traveling to a variety of archaeological sites, and playing bar chords on her guitar without it sounding terrible. She lives in the Lake Merritt area with her boyfriend and kitty, Nebula.